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    The Fallen Syndicate history Empty The Fallen Syndicate history

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    The Fallen Syndicate is part of a secret organisation governed by the most respected shadow syndicate council members, upon the creation of TSS many pilots have joined their cause to provide become something great, many have become feared adversaries and many have become wealthy traders, the council had decided that an elite form of fighters were to be created, these trustworthy pilots would be the right hand of the council, a team that would get jobs done and keep their honour intact, these people are:

    The Fallen.

    As part of this syndicate its their duty to uphold law by TSS ruling, remove any eps threat and maintain a healthy balance between good and evil.

    They are all authorised to use force, aslong as they follow rules, they can go where they please and have as much freedom they can take again following rules.

    The Fallen Syndicate claims no sectors, holds no economy but can and will use their experience wisely e.g. they're free to provide buildings to others to support economies.

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